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Gorman: almost definitely not. Dec 28, 2013 21:42:09 GMT
coldkut: I was curious there was a variation of the enfo’s team survival map that had Anub’arak as a playable hero. It has been awhile since I played the map, but recently started trying to find that version again. Would anyone happen to know if it is still out and Jan 10, 2014 21:36:35 GMT
derharlekin: Is anybody here still alive? I thought maybe a few ppl still have their wc3 accs and want to play enfos some times, since nobody hosts it... May 21, 2014 10:26:06 GMT
louishaarp: Hi, anyone here? Jul 13, 2014 21:24:10 GMT
Gorman: Hi louishaarp Jul 23, 2014 20:44:32 GMT
MetalDust: Enfo MT is still played from time to time :) Aug 8, 2014 20:40:48 GMT
MetalDust: add me metal.dust @ skype and tell me to add you to the Enfo MT chat group. From there games will be announced :) Aug 8, 2014 20:42:28 GMT
derharlekin: I dont have skype but ill propably getting it now^^ Aug 14, 2014 9:23:20 GMT
derharlekin: Another question, does anyone still have the replays of the 1st tournament? And if there is somone who has them, can you upload them for me? Aug 14, 2014 9:23:58 GMT
Gantrithor: holy shit people are alive Aug 20, 2014 19:22:57 GMT
Gorman: I'm not sure that they were archived anywhere, but some of them in the results thread probably still work... http://mtteam.proboards.com/thread/1123/results-chart-schedule Aug 24, 2014 0:43:44 GMT
Gorman: Yo Ganthrithor, good to see you lol Aug 24, 2014 0:44:06 GMT
derharlekin: The links dont work anymore, thats why I asked.. Aug 28, 2014 9:32:55 GMT
Vivendi: Hello everyone :) :) :) Hallo derharlekin. Oct 29, 2014 14:13:03 GMT
Vivendi: Hey Gorman :) Oct 29, 2014 14:13:24 GMT
Vivendi: I'll take a look on my old harddrive... it's been so long :( Oct 29, 2014 14:14:19 GMT
Gorman: Hi vivendi! :D Oct 29, 2014 17:25:22 GMT
Vivendi: Hey :) Oct 30, 2014 14:49:52 GMT
Vivendi: I found the replays, I think it's almost all of them. I'll be making a post with links soon. :) Oct 30, 2014 14:50:41 GMT
derharlekin: Too bad alot are still missing..I miss the old days. Watched a few of our replays and god did I make stupid mistakes back then^^ Nov 2, 2014 10:50:00 GMT